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Be that one!  Fetch your complete Federal student loan report from  . It's free, it's fast, it's valuable. Hey, as a bone(us), you can even run PowerCalc™ for a complete student loan analysis. Ruff, The NextStudent Team (Cat lovers, we've not forgotten you.)

Carrying Too Much?

Carrying too much!
Are you carrying too much student loan interest?  Yea, it's kinda like this. Why struggle? There are great rates available today. Just give us a call at 1-800-887-0605, or use our convenient chat at www.nextstudent.com. Rates available as low as 2.24%.  (Many people are carrying 6.8%, or more - and they don't even know it.)     The NextStudent Team

It’s back to School time!!

It’s back to School time!! Do you need a Student Loan, We would like to help? When you went to your mailbox last week and/or opened your emails, your tuition bill for the upcoming 2016-17 academic year was there.  August is here and before you know it, it will be time pack up and head to college. Don’t forget to calculate ALL of your related education expenses (books, transportation, computer, etc.) for the upcoming academic year in addition to tuition, room and board, and determine how m...

1 in 8 People Know Their True Student Loan Picture

Be that person with your free student loan report from NextStudent.com. Our friendly and knowledgeable student loan advisors are always available to help.  Call us, or use our convenient chat! In a couple of minutes you'll know everything about your student loans - your current rates, terms, servicers, and lenders. Once you see your report, you may decide you need to make a move.  Have you noticed how low interest rates are these days? The NextStudent Team

Paying too much Federal student loan interest is like sleeping on a short couch

Don't sink into the abyss of pseudo comfort!
You're on the "Federal Plan." It's that couch that's too short. You're half asleep, racking up high interest charges. The deeper you sink in, the harder it is to get that momentum to get up and move. Don't sink into the abyss of pseudo comfort! Wake up! - at least enough to call us. You'll find us friendly and knowledgeable. We'll get you to the true comfort of low interest and terms that will save you thousands! Wake up to a new truly competitive low rates and great terms. (...

It’s That Time of the Year: Finding Funding for this Fall’s College Tuition

Summer arrived this week and the Fourth of July BBQ is just a couple of weeks away.  That's the fun stuff to look forward to.  Not so much fun will be finding the money for the college tuition bills that will arrive on or about July 1st.  If after your financial aid award letter, scholarships and savings are not enough and there is still a gap in funding your college expenses, it is time to consider Federal and/or Private student loans as a source of money to pay the bills....

Congratulations to High School Graduates of Class 2016!

NextStudent.com would like to congratulate all of the 3 million high school seniors who have already graduated as well as those who will graduate this month.  NextStudent.com would also like to congratulate the parents and families of the graduates for all the support that they provided their high school graduates over the last four years. According to the U.S. Department of Educations National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 2 million high school graduates will be...

Have You Refinanced Your Federal Student Loans Borrowed Between July 2006-June 2015?

If not, you could be paying interest rates as high as 8.25% for your fixed rate Federal student loans (www.studentaid.ed.gov). If you have Excellent or Good credit (www.mycredit.com) you could refinance your Federal student loans today into a Private student loan with a fixed rate loan as low as 3.74%, a savings of up to 4.51%, or 451 basis points. According to an article at America's Next on www.mic.com: “The class of 2016 college and university graduates left school with an average ...

Time-limited Offer: Consolidate Federal Student Loans for FREE!

For a limited time, use NextStudent's full Federal Consolidation Engine - For FREE! That's a $79.95 value. Use Promo Code FREECONSOL when checkout. Do not forget to run PowerCalc™ first, make sure Fed Consolidation is indeed the best strategy for you to repay all your loans. Keep in mind, our refinance service is also FREE, in case PowerCalc™ suggests that is the best way to go. And please help spread the word by sharing this post! Thanks an Enjoy! NextStudent Team 1-800-...

NextStudent Launches New Private Student Loan Refinancing Program

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NextStudent introduced a new Private student loan refinancing program last week with a national bank lending partner. With variable rates starting as low as 2.16% (fixed rates are available as well) you can refinance both Federal student loans and Private student loans into one, low interest rate loan, maximizing savings and minimizing the risk of a payment default. No application fee and no prepayment penalties are charged. You can borrow for as short as five years or for as long as 20 years. I...